Hi, i’m Robby Larson. I just got a unicycle last week. Ive been waching some videos, i think theyre really cool.

Just wanted to say hi to you people.

Hi, welcome to the forums. We’re all here to help (and be geeky). Just be sure to use the search first before you make a new post otherwise some people might get on your back about it :D.

okay thanks for the quick reply

Yeah we’re all here to help. Feel free to ask anything but if you don’t want to wait for awnsers try searching. All newbie questions have been asked before.

VVelcome! That’s one one more of us and one less of them(or whatever harper normally says…):slight_smile:

Guruni wishes to welcome the new lad to our world of unicycling. Now you have your unicycle for one week, can you ride yet?

Welcome-a to the forum!

*Leans around-a UnicycleRobby to see how many fingers he has on his right-a hand.

You people? :angry: …what do you mean “you people”? What are we some sort of circus animals to you?

haha, Welcome to the forums, you person.:wink:

Welcome to your new terminal illness.
suggested treatment: RIDE ON!