Hi Vol/Low Pressure Tire for Nimbus2

(i can call it a nimbus2 instead of a Yuni because i got mine from the UK)

it’s been a long time since posting here, i got a job that takes up a lot of my time. it happens to be at an outdoor store where i can get extremely good deals on bike parts tho, and i happen to be in the market for a new tire.

i have a gazz 24X3, and my question is will i dissappoint myself with anything else? ive tried one other 24X3, the arrow, and it just didnt seem as bouncy, no matter what i put the pressure at. i see that hoggy-G tire on unicycle.com, but it says something like 30-50 PSI, while i run on 18 psi on my gazz. is this just a “recommended” pressure?

if that doesnt work, what are my other options? others that compare to the gazz on hopping ability that is…

Treat yourself… get a Fireball. You’ll love it… :slight_smile:


That’s if you don’t want to go off-road. For that, Gazza is probably the best choice. A good option for Fireball is a Nirve “Hello Kitty” tire. Not necessarily a better tire but the tread is cool.

the nirve kitty tire is a 26x2.125, not 24. i have a hoggy g, and ride it at 20 psi, with no problems. well, until recently. i ride it at something near 50 because i got tired of being tossed from my saddle while crossing uneven parking lots at night. at 20 psi, when i rode over big uneven cracks in the sidewalk (or pavement, if you want to be british about it) i’d go down a bit before coming back up cause the tire deformed so much. also, how long has the hoggy been on their web catalog?

My mistake.

i think it might be a hoggy-g, and finally get my gazz some studs(not that it’s feminine or anything, but i need something for snow and ice)