Hi Top Skate Shoe for Unicycling

I was wondering what type of shoes everyone uses for unicycling. I frequently hit my ankles while unicycling and I thought these shoes would offer some ankle protection: http://www.sneakerobsession.com/4346/dc-shoes-spartan-hi/

What do you think?


i think only noobs wear shoes. barefoot all the way!

Of course, high sport shoes gives you a grade of protection but I recommend you to buy ankle guards with protection for your “maleolos”. Something like these http://es.decathlon.com/tobillera-id_tobillera_8048298.html

Duff’s G4 hi

It has a nicer sole, without air or other nonsense.
Perfect for unicycle (I can say after having at least 7 pairs of Duff’s gambler).


If you frequently hit your ankles while unicycling then you’re doing it wrong.

Duffs for Uni Riding

I’m a big fan of Duff’s as well. A little bit of ankle protection and a sole that is relatively stiff. Good stuff, I love them

This is why I hate having big feet.
Size 13 UK for the loss, I can barely find anything nice.

I use a pair of ankle protectors that came with some soccer shin guards, look like a smaller version of the ones shown by the earlier poster.

Ankle hits from the cranks are terribly painful, learned that lesson once, got a serious bruise, put my ski season at jeopardy, won’t ride without them unless I’m on my 36er.

I slip mine on under my socks, doesn’t affect my shoe fit, don’t even notice them unless my muni smacks my ankle, and then I just smile :slight_smile:

Yes, but not too stiff. I’m already using them since 2005. I tried Orchid, special designed for BMX, but after a number of dismounts the pain in my feet told me I’d better would go barefeet. Vans are also good (now that they have the better soles again), but they are far too wide for me. But Duff’s have the best shape (at least for me).

@headcamguy: I don’t know what kind of unicyclist you are, but personaly I prefer to have freedom to move your feet over protection. But sure you can have a protecting high shoe for learning ankle-killing stuff like kick-up, unispins, crank-idle, jump-mount, etc. Another option is putting a kind of foam in your socks. I use to use a rubber mousemat that I cut in pieces. Then when you continue to practise for example a ww variant you don’t have to change shoes, just take the pieces out.

With my old unicycle my foot would slip off the plastic pedals. I ordered a KH 24. I imagine the “grip” on those pedals will be better. Thank you for your help everyone.

Leo --> You bring up a good point. I will see how the new pedals treat me.


Also found these: http://www.pinkbike.com/news/sixsixone-ankle-biters-2009.html
Has anyone had experience with the SixSixOne Ankle Biters?

Wow! Looks like the perfect solution!

Almost :slight_smile:
A.s.a. I find out where I can get those :slight_smile:

I ride almost exclusively in Converse hi tops. Bit of ankle scuff protection, plus for me they have exactly the right amount of grip/adjustability trade-off on the spikes on my pedals.

That said, if I’m going out in the evening I’m quite happy to ride in my creepers.

Thanks for the posts. I found that my new pedals have enough “bite” and I haven’t hit my ankle yet (knock on wood).


Find these in black:

They have close to a hard cup for the ankle bones. Perfect for ankle bites from missed mounts and protection for the ankles. They are a cloth covered semi rigid plate.

Mine are black with white lettering which is much more low key which I like

My local store carries black ones which I like because with my big calves these go on over my socks. Not sure why the website only carries white. Prolly not an issue if you wear them under soccer socks.

I like mine so much I bought a spare pair.

Can’t beat the price

I also use ankle protectors from soccer shin pads. It’s cheaper or you can also get them for free at some football club, they have’em millions. And they also last pretty long time, i have mine for about year and a half.
About shoes, i mostly ride muni so i wear mtb shoes. A month ago i bought five-ten shoes and they are perfect, but also a bit more expensive.
For trials and flatland these shoes ain’t good (maybe for trials), but at the moment i ride it just with fake allstars because i destroyed 2skate shoes this year (globe & vans) and i have no money for new 1 atm., so i gave 12€ for’em but they are not some good. :smiley: