Hi there

Hi everyone!

My name’s Jamie. I’m a clown from England, but I live in Berlin at the moment. I started unicycling as part of clowning, so I’m more used to shorter distances and not so much to the big tours as I see some people here are doing… and I’m very much into tricks:D Great to be here!

I am always irritated by being associated with clowns or a circus and people expecting me to juggle.

Nonetheless, welcome among the chosen.

Welcome Jamie. Yes, the unicycling/circus thing can be problematic, but there’s a long history there for sure. Great to have you here.

Maybe someone around there can get you out in the forest for some mountain unicycling!


Don’t be cruel to him. When he’s working he probably gets people asking him if he’s going to run off and get a job in an office…

Hi I just registered

I am just starting to lear to unicycle. As in only a few practices so far.
I’m in Leatherhead in Surrey at moment. Let me know if you’re in the same area. Its nice to find this online unicycling community.

Thanks for welcoming me here, guys. Oops, I wasn’t aware of the being-associated-with-clowns business. I promise I’ll try some “serious” unicycling too! And thanks, Tinbox, you’re right:D we all have to deal with prejudices…

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