Hi! - (new listmember)

Hi to all.

Let me introduce myself as a new member of this list. I am the father of five
children, ages ten to eighteen. I live with my family in Detroit, Michigan. I
work as a machine controls designer for Progressive Tool and Industries, Inc.,
which builds tooling for the auto industry. What that means is that we build the
machines that build the bodies of the cars you drive.

My some things you might find me doing are (in no special order) tending my
honeybees, training in Shotokan Karate, camping (in favorable weather), trying
to make sense of the political scene, living out historical Christianity or
making some driving run at the behest of one of my kids.

Who know why we do some things? I forget why I wanted to learn to ride a
unicycle at the age of 12 or 13. But I did, and got pretty good at it,
considering I was the only owner of a unicycle in my area. Well, I lost interest
in it once I learned to drive a car, although I got on one or two over the
years, to see if the skill had been lost.

About eight years ago, wishing I still had that uni from long ago, and being on
the budget of a large family, I got the bright idea to build one. I figured that
the hardware for a standard could get expensive, so I built a giraffe from a
discarded 20" bike. I managed to get up on it and ride it enough to claim to be
a rider again! However, with my busy life, it soon became neglected and dusty.

One of my internet accounts recently asked me if I wanted to read
rec.sports.unicycling. I am continually amazed at the number of subjects which
people devote time to contribute information about, for worldwide distribution -
for free! Well, thanks to all the net.resources available about unicycling,I got
that dusty giraffe (now I know what it is called!) out of the garage. With
proper instructions, my next task is to learn to properly mount it. With good
weather now here, perhaps it will give some lunchtime diversion, after I get my
“legs” back well enough to appear before my peers doing something risky.

(Now where is that Web reference to juggling?..)

George Kleinert

  • A father, machine controls designer, and all around nice guy.
  •  contact via - email: - aa022@detroit.freenet.org PGP public key available
     at - Home Page: - <a href="http://web.grfn.org/~georgek">http://web.grfn.org/~georgek</a>