Hi! I'm new :)

Hi Guys,

I wanted to introduce myself. When I was 10, I had the best Christmas of my life when I came downstairs and found a unicycle under the tree! For the next 3-4 years, I rode that unicycle every day after school and taught myself to go up and down the street forwards and backwards - sometimes while twirling my baton. I think the other kids on my street thought I was nuts, but who cares! Unicycling is so much fun and so addictive.

Anyway, I am 32 now, and on a whim got a unicycleoff Amazon a few weeks ago. Much to my surprise after not being on one for 20 years, I was able to get right on and ride it. I guess what they say about bikes applies to unicycles as well - once you learn how to ride, you never forget. Of course I’m rusty and need to relearn how to mount and go backwards and all of that good stuff, but I am having so much fun again. I’m not sure why I ever quit. I must have been nuts!

So, is anyone from the Dallas area or know of any Dallas area unicycle groups. It would be much more fun to ride with other people.

You all have a great site here and such interesting posts.

One wheel is definitely better than two!


Hey Amy



Unicycling is realllly fun

I hope I don’t stop

Welcome to the forums, Amy! And good on ya for getting back on the wheel.
I’m just a beginner here but ask for help here and you’ll most likely get it from someone who knows what they are talking about.

amy, if you really want to be impressed check out some if their youtube videos. I am sure some of these guys could give you a few links to watch. Welcome back to the one wheel world.

I sure could;)
Here’s all of mine,

Edit: I recommend this one, My mom is in it and she’s the one who got me started. (She’s 42)

oops i forgot the most important part of that last comment,


Welcome to the forums amyandblitzen.

Also check out the links that surfer1024 posted. :smiley:

Amy Welcome back

I too had a few absences from unicycles.

Started in the lat 70’s with a crappy sears order from mail catalogue unicycle.
Wore that thing out with it’s plastic bearings.

Then in the 80’s and 90’s I got two more crappy uni’s. And nobody to ride with.

Today I believe the newer unicycle have greater potential for different riding (MUNI and XC). These two things have really hooked me and I find myself riding every day.

Again welcome back, and enjoy.


I wish I had started learning earlier (when I was in my early 30s rather than late 30s :smiley: ). Enjoy the forums.


Thanks for the great welcome and cool links! You all seem like a great group of people! I’ve come to the right place :slight_smile:

welcome to the forums. most of the people on here are so very friendly, and helpful. WELCOME

that is soo much like how i got my first unicycle exept i was 9 not 10

Howdy Amy - - - Welcome back.

…And I thought I was the only adult unicyclist in Frisco. I returned after a 25 year rest and didn’t have the same super-positive experience you did; it took me about an hour to get to where I could stay vertical for more than 10 feet. But, I’m getting back into my old form slowly but surely.
There’s a bunch of folks in Richardson that regularly ride in downtown Dallas. I don’t think I could keep up so I haven’t tagged along yet.
Most of my riding is done at the Commons (formerly Friendship Park).

Have you found any other Friscoans that ride?