Hi I'm new

Hi I’m new here and want to buy a unicycle. I have been trying to ride a broken 12 inch. What should I buy I’m 5 feet and weigh 97 pounds and am 22 what size wheel should I get?

If I were you i would get either a 20 or 24 inch wheel. You could probably ride either, but since you are new and relatively short I would get the 20 inch.

Starting with a 20" is usually recommended, especially with your height.

What kind of riding do you want to do after you learn to ride? Small wheels are best for performance and tricks. Large wheels are best for distance riding. If you plan to continue riding the same unicycle after learning the basics then that should be part of your wheel size decision.

From unicycle.uk.com:

Q. What size unicycle would be easiest to learn on?

A. It depends on both your leg length and what kind of riding you want to do.

If the unicycle is for a child under 10 they are likely to be limited by the length of their legs, select the largest unicycle you can fit them on, up to 20" – you will find the leg length in the description of the unicycle. A 20" wheel will roll better than a 16" and hence will be easier to learn with.

If the leg length is long enough to fit on a 24" then you need to assess what style of unicycling is preferred. A 20" is best for doing tricks on and riding on smooth ground – these are preferred by jugglers, skate boarders, bmxers, etc… basically people who like doing tricks. 24" is less good for tricks and is better for moving, especially over rougher ground, they are preferred by mountain bikers and road cyclists.


I have been learning since I was 10 but on a broken unicycle.