Hi im new!! any advice?

hi guys im new!!! any advice? what size wheel should i get???


hi chosen! well my advice is to get a coker thats a 36" wheel…theyre the best for learning on.

hope that helps



definitely use more punctuation!!! using only four and five punctuation marks is for wimps…real men use at least seven…it helps get your point across!!! also, dont use periods at the end of sentences…having a big run on sentence…with just dots…is good…
you should also never use the search function…thats too convenient
dont ever capitalize
you should also never go the product review board for product questions
i hope i helped

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WARINING! Be careful NOT to joke like that with the new guy! Uni_tyler might bite your head off! :smiley: (I thought it was funny though!) Ok, I guess I have to say it,just in case…I’m KIDDING!

Go off an 8 foot drop, it’s easy!

2617 posts?
what a n3wb.
eight foot drops are wayyyyyyy to easy mine as well start at 12 foot at least

my first drop was off the third floor of my apt. building.

since alot of the guys are being rude I will help…a good starter is either a 20 or 24 incher…and just start my holding on to a fence or some kind of wall…good luck!

hey unifiend…look at who started this thread. its chosen…the guy who can ride a uni quite well. this is a joke thread making fun of other newb threads.lol.

Hey I just noticed that too! Over Two-thousand, six hundred posts? That’s considered “new”? :thinking:


Yay, a sensible post. :roll_eyes:

Ya get A life noOb

Dudewithasock, please read the above.:slight_smile:

…ok, that was a stab at my intelligence, and I’m offended. I was being sarcastic as well, hence the smiley.


Hi Chosen, and welcome.

Visualization is important for learning to ride a unicycle. In fact, actually having the unicycle is vastly over rated. You can fall and get hurt riding one. I recommend exclusively visualizing riding one. Through visualization you can do anything without practicing, getting hurt, or being ridiculed by non riders. It saves a lot of money too, because you won’t need to have a trials and a muni and a freestyle and a BC etc ride any where any style.

Have fun. Post some pictures of you visualizing a great ride.

Oh yeah. Get a clothespin on your avatar, too. The totally cool folks around here have one. Alas, I’m not member of that group, yet… :wink:

I disagree. I tried the visualization method at first as well, and broke my left arm, right leg, neck, spine, nose, spleen, and left testicle. Way too dangerous.

So was I…did see my “smiley” too?

Oh My. I stand corrected. don’t get a unicycle or visualize at all. Just read the forum and learn to talk a good game. I hope that clears me of all liability.