Hi, i'm Fabio from Italy...

hi everyone, i’m just learning Uni, i have a Koxx Devil, i like to come to Moab next time…

Someone could help me? date? Hints!


You’re Fabio? This is Fabio

Ah, but he posts as Harper.

Sorry about the jokes Fabio… welcome to the forum! I can’t help you regarding Moab, but if you use the search button at the top right you will find loads of helpful hints if you search for “beginner” or “learning” or something. The most useful tip is really just to keep at it, and keep your weight on the saddle.

There are some useful websites, such as www.unicycle.2ya.com


When they set a date for Moab, it’ll probably be posted here:

Its usually end of March. But last year it was the first of April, this year it will be in march.



I wish I had a Koxx Devil :frowning:

and Welcome! I’m pretty new here too.

Welcome to the Unicyclist community.

wow, you’re right!!


I can’t believe it’s not butter.

hi there!