Hi, I'm Eric, the co-admin

Hi, I’m Eric, a unicyclist from Germany. I live in Chemnitz, which is considered to be the gate to the Ore Mountains or the Saxon Manchester.

I startet unicycling in 1997, became the unicycling trainer of my sports club in 2006 and still train the advanced unicycling group of this club in freestyle and hockey.

I bought my first Muni somewhen around 2012 and quit mountainbiking in 2013, the year i also registered to this wonderful forum.

2014 I started the website einradsachsen.com (and it’s corresponding Facebook page) where I try to gather all informathins about unicycling activities ind and around saxony and keep people updated.

Since 2015 I am a member of the board of the German unicycling Federation Einradverband Deutschland e.V. and hold the position of the state representative of Saxony.

Around 2018 or 2018 I became moderator for unicyclist.com and helped Gilby fighting spam. When the situation got worse here after some involuntary changes and updates with the forum software and the servers, canapin contacted me and we (and some others) worked out the plans for a whole revision and relaunch of the forum with new software and new servers. So I ended up, being an admin here.

Feel free to contact me if you have any issues with the new forum.


Thanks for your work on this and in the past! :wink:

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Thanks for all the hard work. There was a noticeable difference when Gilby brought you into the fold and I’m very glad you are still involved with this relaunch.

Keep up the good work :+1:


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