Hi I'm Eric from Saskatchewan

I’m Eric the Saskatchewanian.

Saskatchewan is roughly in the middle of Canada, mostly known for its wide open flat farmland. I’ve mostly been living in the northern section of the province where it’s all rocks and trees but wander south in to the towns and fields every once in a while. Currently I live near the forest fringe.

RTL was the catalyst that made me consider taking unicycling semi-seriously rather than just a quirky way of getting around and a way to expand my brain and balance. I’ve gone to a few muni-fests and traveled on the Uni-tours and really appreciate the Unicycling Community both online and in person for it’s diversity, inclusiveness and charm. We are an interesting bunch.

I barely ride anymore. I’ve been mostly commuting by e-bike lately but have a pile of wheels in the shed but still throw a leg over every once in a while. I think I like tinkering as much as riding.


Welcome on the new forum!

What’s RTL?

Ride the Lobster?

Yup, the greatest lobster ride of all time!

Ride the Lobster was the world’s longest unicycle race, held in June 2008.[1] This 800-kilometre international relay race around the roads of Nova Scotia, Canada was conceived by Edward Wedler. He gave the race its unusual name because he thought the roadways around Nova Scotia resembled a lobster.[2]

The five-day race had five stages, composed of four legs winding around the province of approximately 200 km each and one day of time trials. The first stage was from Yarmouth to Annapolis Royal. The second stage went to St. Margarets. The third stage was composed of two time trials, Hubbards in the morning and Truro in the early evening. The fourth stage was from Truro to Antigonish. The final stage went from Port Hawkesbury to Baddeck.[3] The event coordinator, Heather LeBlanc, intentionally made early stages easier for the contestants and the final stretch difficult.[1]

It was originally proposed to hold the race annually but there have been no subsequent events.

More info at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ride_the_Lobster


Fixed that for you.


Thanks Greg, you are wise beyond your years! :slight_smile:

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