Hi, I'd like to introduce myself

Hi everyone,

I’ve just subscribed to the list and I’d like to introduce myself. My name’s Bob
Knight and I think I’ve been unicycling for about 15 years. I was reading
through the archives on the unicycling homepage and I found a couple of
references to things I’ve built over the years, A lot of you may have seen them
at the UK conventions in Manchester and Norwich.

Manchester was the year I made the 3 speed baby giraffe. The heart of this
monster was a 1951 sturmey archer ASC three speed fixed hub. This thing was
truly a challenge to ride, I’ll give more details if people are interested.

The following year was Norwich and the debut of the geared up racing unicycle.
This was constructed using two independent drive chains on either side of the
unicycle, with the effective crank centre about 4 inches below the centre of the
wheel, it uses a 27 inch wheel geared up to 48 inches. Incredibly hard to ride
slowly and very dangerous to ride fast - what fun. Sam my younger brother (a
very experienced unicyclist) fell off at about 20 mph and broke his arm !
trouble is you can ride it faster than you can run…

I’m in the fortunate position of having a Father that takes great delight in
constructing weird and wonderful bikes all the time, He’s made about 30 custom
unicycles for various people ranging from miniscule ones to tall giraffes, also
on the list is replica Penny Farthings (I take great delight in riding this as a
unicycle), recumbents and a bike for a three legged man, with the cranks at 120
degrees rather than 180… OK the middle leg was a dummy one bolted to the pedal
and you had to wear a long coat to hide the join. It was amazing how many people
never noticed anything strange.

The latest project is a tandem unicycle for Sam and myself to ride (or attempt
to ride) its not finished yet but I’ll keep you posted.

I was based in Bedford UK and belonged to the Bedford Circus Ring but now live
near Reading, Berkshire UK (are there any active unicycle groups near Reading ?)
I also spend time working in Boston MA several times a year.

If anyone wants anymore details of these toys, or indeed has an idea for
something unusual to build, please let me know, we’re always on the lookout for
the next challenge

cheers for now


Re: Hi, I’d like to introduce myself

> >If anyone wants anymore details of these toys, or indeed has an idea for
> >something unusual to build, please let me know, we’re always on the lookout
> >for the next challenge

> Hi Bob,

> Welcome aboard. I’ve an idea for a project that you might like to try.

> The effect is a comfy armchair instead of a saddle, on a uni. Whereas this
> could be done as a recumbent, my idea is to have a normal uni with a huge
> saddle. Obviously some of the armchair seat would have to be cut away to allow
> the legs to pedal properly, while still retaining the look of lounging. Rather
> than simply letting the legs show, you could even complete the illusion with
> some trickery - put false legs hanging loose over the front of the armchair,
> and an extended “skirt” round the armchair to conceal the rider’s real legs.
> The hole in the armchair would have to be snug to make it appear that the
> rider was really joined to the false legs.

> If you do try this out, I’d like to be credited - it’s been a pet project of
> mine for quite a while. Also, let me ride it some time! (I live in Bristol)

> Tim

Hi Tim,

   what a great idea ! This fits very neatly into the carnival/parade kind
   of bike. I'm certainly going to give this some serious thought over the
   winter, I'll let you know how we get on with it. Don't worry though this
   is your idea, full credit where its due.

whilst on the subject of carnival bikes, we have a pram fitted with pedals and
chain drive and proper Ackerman steering via a steering wheel in the ‘cockpit’
its only big enough for a child of about 10 to ‘drive’ but is perfect for summer
carnivals etc. Its based near Bedford UK, and if any one wants to borrow it next
summer please feel free. Unfortunately the three legged bike was ‘borrowed’ and
never returned some years ago. Perhaps someone knows where it is.