hi i have another stupid question

alright so ive desided a 20" unicycle is best for me

however the cheepest place i’ve found them new is surprsingly at ebay (buy now item) even with shipping and handeling.

so before i was looking at a chrome sun unicycle $48.

however recently a 20" torker new crome with a free stand $46.

i think they are both good quality but i think torker is for more expirienced people, ive never even been on a unicycle so i want whats easiest to learn on pleas help me.

Tip: If you are going to get a Torker, make sure it’s black. The Chrome ones are not very good.

so how does color matter??

They are different models, but the easiest way to tell them apart is by color. In my opinion torkers are great unicycles for their price, and as long as you aren’t planning on doing much trials on it, it should hold up well.


um so what are trials sorry im a n00b


which one???

Trials is like obstacle unicycling, kinda. Like, where you jump onto picnic tables and off of outhouses and do 360’s and generally are a crazy nut. If I were you, I would just go for the 75 dollar Toker LX on EBay. It’s “a black one” (as daino would say), and I saw one in a bike shop the other day and was pretty impressed. It’s a good deal for a beginning unicycle, it’s got a good clamp for the seat post, a saddle that you will actually be able to stand for awhile, a nice 48 spoke wheel, and a good appearance.

but what about the frame the fork isn’t sounded so wouldn’t it bang up your knees and stuff by the way it’s chrome and $46

sounded? wha?
I’ve never gotten my knees banged up…
BTW, my first uni was a 24" chrome Avenir and I broke it three days ago because I did a jump on it and folded the wheel… I suggest spending a little extra money so that stuff like that won’t happen.

sorry rounded nont sounded

not not nont

oh, gotcha. if the top of the fork it flat/squared it is generally better because when you get into advance techniques you can use it to put your foot on. IE: to ride with one foot, you put the other on the frame. To glide you put both feet on the frame and use one as a break on the wheel, etc…

I wish I had known that when I bought mine:(

Shoulda asked. And sorry if you did ask, I guess I missed it.


Ben, your thread titles portray low self esteem. (I could never have self esteem as low as yours, but that’s me all over, I’m just useless at low self esteem…)

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

i still dont see how color matters

Different colors=Different models

Chrome=lowest model
Black=better than the chrome + Looks cooler + has lift handle.

Black (LX) :

Chrome (CX) :

Gah! Stop rubbing it in!