Hi Guy's

Hello I’m Chris Coolski

I’m from Southern Cali

My experience with unicycling I have been riding a 36 for 8 years and love it. I mostly do distance riding flat land love the sport of riding while getting exercise at the same time. I’ve learned so much while riding a 36:+1:


well, welcome to this forum! Happy riding!


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Welcome, Chris!

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Thank you.

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Hey Chris,
This is youtube fan, trexinvert, here.
I was wondering when you’d get around to finding us.
All the unicycle riders of the world is right here. Talking everything unicycle.

For everyone out there, Chris makes youtube videos by riding all around Los Angeles.
He gives an amazing tour of cool neighborhoods and some “not so nice” hoods on his 36" unicycle(nimbus oracle, right?). What I like is that he actually rides on the “sidewalk” and passes walkers very carefully and courteously. He’s no arrogant street cyclist who expects cars to give him the right of way. That get’s you dead.
Anyways, you’all should check his youtube site, Chris Coolski.

Keep on rolling…slam



Thanks, @slamdance !

I wouldn’t have thought to tap/click on his avatar to view his profile, which is where I found the link to his YouTube channel, if your post hadn’t made me aware of his channel.

Welcome Chris!

I’d be interested in finding some of your videos to watch so hopefully there is details in your avatar on how to find them.

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Hey, there, thank you for the awesome greeting I really appreciate that yes I enjoy taking the viewers with me for the rides, so thanks again for that introduction and I’ll see you out on the streets. :+1:t5:

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Hey m00ms, thanks once you click on my picture avatar my channel link is down below.

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