Hi from So Cal!

Hi new rider here, look forward to learning and getting some motivation from all amazing things riders are doing here. I am a decidedly unbalanced new adult rider on a 24 inch Sun. I am working on it but have some ways to go. Dealing with some falls and some wobbles as I get going. Heres to a new hopefully not hospital headed new experience!

Welcome Canica84.

You will see how true «practice makes perfect» is ! :smiley:

Have fun along the way and do not forget your protective gear and it should be okay :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

There is a group ride this Saturday in Fullerton, starting 8:30 a.m. There should be a lot of riders present. Not sure where in SoCal you live, but you will get a lot of inspiration and information if you can show up…even if you don’t actually ride the event.

Please respond if you’re interested, and I can PM you more details. There is a email list also announcing group events in SoCal. Lots of nice people in this group. The organizer is the dad of one of our world class riders.

Thank you!

Thanks for the invite! I am not in town this weekend but I will look forward to joining in some group rides especially when i can ride a little more distance at a time. I am wearing a helmet and working on trying to true up my rim as I feel it has more wobble then it should so it feels more unstable than it should at speed. I may have to bring it by the local LBS for a run on their truing stand. Thank you, look forward to learning more about my uni!

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