Hi from Melbourne Australia

Hi, Long time lurker and thought I would finally say hi! I’m Dave, 41 years old from Melbourne. Been unicycling about 4 months.

Probably a typical starting story.A friend was given a unicycle for his birthday, we all tried it and decided it wasn’t possible but then secretly all went out and bought uni’s! By shear fluke my second hand bargin was a 20" muni and loving it!

Quick question for you all, whats stopping me from buying a cheap 2nd hand uni, taking off the hub and lacing it to a mountain bike wheel, quick welded extension to the original fork and voile a very cheap 29’er! ( or am I missing something obvious?!)



What uni did you get?

If it has what looks like an off road tyre on a 20 it is more likely a trials tyre. 20 inch is really too small for Muni because a small wheel doesn’t roll over well.

I don’t think a cheap cut and shut job on a small uni would make a very nice 29er Muni. You might get away with it on the road.

Cheers mate, damn I guess I’ve got a trials uni then! No idea on the make as all stickers/branding was removed, it does have pretty much the same tread pattern as my downhill mtbs though. Wow, if a bigger wheel is better I know I’m going too love it!

Just to clarify the diy thing, I make props for tv/movies and also make heavy duty sports equipment (professional welder/manafacturer) and have laced many a wheel. I will see if I can find any pics of the bikes I made a while back…

Maybe post a photo of your uni and we might be able to tell you more about it.

The main difference in hubs is the use of the ISIS interface on better hubs. It has a tapered spline rather than a square taper (AKA cotterless).

You aren’t missing anything. Most people just don’t have the wherewithal to modify equipment.

If you make yourself a 29 post up your handywork!

Welcome to the community!

Hello, I m Surrey, UK. Caregiver by profession.

Sup? 23, Adelaide here.

I m trying Unicycle from several days , please tell me tricks of balancing.

My advice from a recent thread.

The most important thing is to just keep trying and have fun doing it. Most learners take many hours to ride at all and hundreds of hours to become proficient.

I will be in Melbourne precisely for my 70th birthday!
any place you will recommend for a birthday meal?

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