Hi from London

What’s your name?

Where do you come from?
Portugal, but lived In London for the past 11 years.

What is your experience of unicycling?
Began practising on my mates 20", just baby steps with a lot of frustration until I could eventually do 3, then 4m until I could go indefinitely. Never owned a trials or 20" though as I’ve never been too good jumps and tricks. The first (and only) unicycle I’ve ever had is a nimbus oracle 24" MUni with hydraulic disc break. I love going cross country, up and down narrow muddy, rocky or icy single track. My favourite activity to do on my unicycle is to just go for long off-road rides, the scarier, grittier and muddier the better :slight_smile: Would love to find other people near London also interested in doing some off-road unicycling as I don’t know anyone in this country who does it.
I’m also interested in doing some long distance road touring on a 36er, something like what Ed Pratt did but on a very mini scale (thinking of going London → Edinburgh at some point, camping along the way)


We don’t really have a good place for discussion and organisation of distance and MUni in the UK right now, but if you’re not already (but you’re on Facebook) I’d recommend following the UUU as well as the British Muni Weekend group.

There are no doubt riders and groups local to you who do distance and MUni, but I’m somewhat further up north so I don’t really know what’s around there.

You may also be interested in STFU London, who in normal times organise city rides as well as the UK Trials Championships. Admittedly their focus isn’t on MUni or distance, but it’s a good way to meet other riders (some of whom will ride MUni and distance) and they’re the most active country-wide group of people.

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