Hi from Japan

Hello friends,

For years I have been talking about being in a “permanent crisis mode” in
compiling the Learner’s Edition of NJECD. We are now in the very final stages,
and it will be published by Kodansha International. I will send more details
when we are ready to make the official announcement.

I am leaving tomorrow to Taiwan for business and pleasure and will be there till
January 7. In the meantime, I have made various improvements to my webpage. I
suspect you will enjoy my unicycle ride “on the edge of the Old World.” Just
click the quoted word on the bottom of my home page at
http://www.win.or.jp/~jhalpern (and don’t be afraid to explore the sound-enabled
Jack’s Language Chart!).

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Regards, Jack Halpern Kanji Dictionary Publishing Society,
http://www.win.or.jp/~jhalpern Voice: +81-048-481-3103 Fax: +81-048-479-1323
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