Hi from Denmark

What’s your name?
Hammer kind of is my nickname - and also my last name.

Where do you come from?

What is your experience of unicycling?
I picked up a used Qu-Ax Profi (20") from eBay.de a few weeks ago and installed som 125mm cranks and some MTB flat pedals that I like for regular bike riding. I’ve been practicing in the basement in serveral smaller sessions and have managed to ride the full length of the the room (~10 meters) a few times. Also managed to free mount a few times and do a few revolutions. As the weather finally got better and ice and snow has disappeared I went outside today and practiced for half an hour and managed to ride 50-60 meters :slight_smile:

So I’m a newcomer but eager to learn!

My plan/hope is to be able to use a (larger) Uni for my regular commute ~7km instead of my bike. And I have some nice MTB trails very close that I also might try to ride using a Muni someday…


Hej, Hvorfra? Jeg tror snart jeg er den eneste i midt- og syd-jylland.

Excellent! Denmark is an excellent country to ride in, and you have a number of very good clubs! Meet up with one of them, you’ll be amazed at what some kids can do!

Unfortunately I’m not close as I live a bit north of Copenhagen.

Brian did you ever ride with the Aalborg uni club? Not sure how far that is for you. The first 2-3 times were for free and tried that while I lived in Hadsten. Eventually decided it was too far to drive. They ride in a gym and prefer that you ride with a uni with white wheels, like a freestyle. It was fun riding with other unicyclists.

Nope, never joined a club or knew other unicylists. Or cyklists for that matter. Aalborg is pretty far from me.

Hi there!

I am part of a group of 40+ riders riding mainly in Hareskoven but willing to drive for other nicer trails.
Jyllinge or Gladsaxe could be clubs close to you.

I only know 1 Hammer but he lives in Greenland. :slight_smile:


Very interesting @LKA! Hareskoven is only a short 15 min drive from where I live. Last year I rode the MTB trails in both “Lille Hareskoven” and “Store Harskoven” multiple times on my (electric) Onewheel so I know what they are like :slight_smile:

I’d love to try them on a Unicycle someday when my skills have improved. Right now I can fairly consistently ride 100m+ on my 20" but only when it’s almost flat or slightly uphill. I try to practice at least half an hour every day so hopefully it will soon be (even) better. So maybe in summer I will be able to ride some (MTB) trails… :crossed_fingers:

How do you keep in contact with the group of riders? Is it a Facebook group or similar?

We have a group on messenger and we normally ride on saturdays.

Danish fb group which is for all of Denmark: Unicykel Danmark

Write to me on fb: fb.com/larska


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