hi de hi - campers.

So who’s camping at BUC then? I just got some new pegs from tesco and they only charged me for the 1 pack instead of 2 :smiley:

And why can’t i ever get it all bk into the bag it comes in :thinking:

Anyone got any good camping stories to go with, i’m camping at buc ?

Who’s not camping at BUC? :p. Its going to be excellent, and conventions just aren’t the same without the canvas aspect. I’m bringing my 4-man, so there’ll be room for all my unis as well as me :).

Last unicycling camping trip was Crawley, and BMW last year. Both excellent.


me :frowning: cos my dads mean

argos, always a cheap tent :smiley:

GK, will you be camping at this BUC?

There might be room for you in my van, if your interested :wink:


last i saw millets had the eurohike avon on at £40, a 3 man tent with a big porch which has lasted me 6 years of festivals, parties, conventions and backpacking. A very fine tent indeed.

Wow, for a minute there I thought Zippy was back!

what is this BUC, what does it stand for, is it just a big piss up or do people unicycle at these events? sorry to sound like a noob


i’ve had mine since i went to buc 13 in scarborough and its been with me on numerous trips including (but not limited to); the other buc, the bjc and it’ll be coming with me to dorset as well.

don’t dis argos. not only do i work for them and get discount on tents, but mine’s been pretty rugged and has survived assaults by the weather, and drunken and stoneded people other than myself.

but i don’t really care to persuade you- follow your heart and put your money there. you can suffer from a loss of heart from time to time, but it’s never a good idea to lose your head.

this year at bjc

last year at buc

reviving old threads :stuck_out_tongue:
who’s camping in 2010?
iv’e not been before but i guess they always have the indoor camping rooms?
i’ll be camping, not sure what tent yet,
does anyone have any cool campers? or vans that they sleep in that they would like too show off? post some pictures!

I’m Camping, Bringing a 3 man so i have room for someone else and some unicycles :stuck_out_tongue:

digging up old threads eh!

My van will be FULLY loaded by then, prehaps its maiden voyage!

Not to be mean or anything but, your twenty, aren’t you in-charge of yourself now?


This thread is from 4 years ago. :wink:

haha, sorry i just notice that if ever somone makes a post all they say is search first, plus it’s more fun to read responses like that XD

Fully loaded with maidens? I’m definitely coming to BUC now!