hi all

hi i have just joined this fourm because i have just aquired my first unicycle for free its a pashley and its green thats about all i know about it dunno how old it is or anything just wonderd what you guys thought of pashley its a 20" muni as far as i can tell and its a dark green dont know wether you guys can tell how old it is by the colour.thanks craig

i would assume pashley power, but i have no idea how old it would be

edit: nvm, it doesnt come in green, atleast not now
could it be this? except it comes in red, grey and blue

nope its square on the top any sugestions of what not to do on it ie drops and such like.

i dont think pashely makes a flat top frame, i believe it is all rounded

it is it says pashley in yellow down the side painted in it also has the pashley badge painted in on the front with an england flag underneith will post up sum pics tomorow but do you reacon that it will be ok to do stuff on upto a certain extent obviously