hi all anyone up for a trials/ unicycle meet in southport

hi would anyone be interested in a unicycle meet in southport .uk. sometime soon when weather gets better.I searched the fourm and there seems to have been one last year around this time and was wondering if there would be any interest in doing it again .as me and my friend seem to be the only unicccycle riders we can seem t find and would like to meet others pm me and reply in this thread if you would be interested or if anyone is goin buc will speak to you there thanks for looking craig.

gather no1 want to then

too far :frowning:

mayeb the N.U.T.S people will want to come ride somewhere around there, but its well too far for me sorry

I need to email nasa about making a teliporter

I might be up for it, depends when though. I’m pretty busy the rest of this month and then there’s BUC and other stuff to think about in April.

I rode there briefly a few years ago and then ended up at a salsa lesson in a transvestite bar in the evening.

'Appy days.

I’m not too far away from there really couple of hours and we could be there no problem. Whats it like for trials and street there been ages since I was in southport.

I remember it as being pretty good. I wasn’t very good back then though and I didn’t spend that much time exploring.

im up for it

cool so it sems that there is abit of interest in it. its ok for trials as there is a veriety of stuff to do on the front and in the town i spoke to a policeman and they are now giving £500 fines for riding in popular parts of town like lorrd street but i think that hat was just to scare us abit.welllll its realy a group decission on what willl work for the majority of people me and my friend mark are free most weekends realy so its all good.anyone who is interested just pm me.we want to do it on the next avaliable sunny weekend when the most people are free we would probs meet at the plaza mcdonalds or the funland at about 10-11and ride for most of the day me and mmark wwillll definaly be riding all day till bout 8-9 oclock .

the dates have now changed for this and it is now saterday th 17th of march anyone who is interested pm me and i willl give you my number.

too far for me and too close to the MK date

I’d certainly be up for that, although I might be busy this weekend. I’ll do my best to get the Liverpool crowd up there, regardless.

so, saturday.
say 10:30 outside the funland

im up for that ill pm you my mobile number and you can give us yours so i can contact you.

sounds goood


yes thats sound that is if the weather is ok i.e dry anyone else who wants to come as dale said 10.30 at funland.or if thats earlyf for sum people and they want to meet abit later we wil be around southport somewere just find us.

So… Did it happen? I couldn’t make it, as I suspect you gathered by the fact that I wasn’t there.

nope lol it was rained off there wud have only bin me and dale