Hi again everyone

Hi my name is Matej.

I come from Croatia (Hrvatska). I have been riding uni for 2 years almost but i have been active for nearly 1 year and i quited driving in may of this year for all except for my workshops that i do around the country.

The reason was that i was the only guy in whole Croatia and around (20 mil people that was driving uni and it got bored for me to do that, no competition, only bikers to drive with.

Few days ago the guys from Germany arrived in the capital of Croatia Zagreb.
My friend called me and i traveled 500 km just to drive with some guys for 1 day :o)

I turned out good for me, i got some sponsor deal with qu-ax, they will get me unis for workshops and one for me also, and i will promote them. that is great cause i had a Lot’s of workshops in Croatia but after each one of them i have to tell them that they can’t buy uni’s in Croatia. But now everything is changed. I started to drive again and people are in to it once again.

Ty you unicycle.tv guys for support

It’s great that you got a Qu-Ax sponsorship deal. I wish you a lot of luck spreading unicycling in Croatia. I met someone from Croatia this summer. He is going to school in the USA. He didn’t ride a unicycle though.

It was funny to ride with you, hope to see you again to ride the crotia north shores.

greetings from germany, Lutz

:o) i will try to tako video of whole north shore to see what i was talking about