hey, where's the rest of your bicycle?




That would be really wired to ride…at first it was like a seat for a baby lol

THAT IS TOOOO COOOL! :sunglasses:

That back part is for your unicycling coach to ride on!

Can you imagine riding on the unicycle part of that thing, and then the guy in the back decides to start pedalling as fast as he can?

And how would you steer that thing? Strange contraption!

good for learning to glide…

Hi, I am new to this forum. this is my first posting here.
I think that unicycle=bicycle combination is forever great! and the funy thing is that i had a dream about riding something just like that yesterday, and I was on the unicycle part and my girlfriend, who hates unicycling, was on the bike part, and it was bliss.


that looks pretty sweet…it would be good for learning to glide, I think.

Actually, we haven’t found two people crazy enough to ride it. The trail-a-bike tries to crush the unicycle. If you look closely, you’ll see the unicycle wheel had to be blocked just to keep it upright for the picture.
We did use the trail-a-bike behind our old Schwinn Tandem, and that was a treat! The whole thing was just under twenty feet long, and it cornered like a school bus. Probably much more dangerous than I am willing to admit…

Damn, i would love to give that a shot. Maybe ill go to Westborough sports. They sell trail-a-bikes and unicycles. Ill see if they will let me… uh… test how they work together :P.

“Maybe ill go to Westborough sports. They sell trail-a-bikes and unicycles. Ill see if they will let me… uh… test how they work together”

Okay, but here’s the problem: The trail-a-bike has a universal joint where it connects to the bike (or uni). that long pipe puts a lot of weight onto that joint, as does a second rider… the uni will want to slide foward or backward to reach a stable spot(THE GROUND).

I just did the picture to amuse the people who all complained about the DUMB and un-origional comments they get while riding… I really don’t recommend attempting to ride that beast, it won’t be pretty!

Ride at your own risk, but let us know if you work it out!

There are two people crazy enough to ride one.

We regularly used to ride tandem (8 ft), Trail-A_Bike/Burley Piccolo (add 3 feet), plus the Burley Trailer (add another 3 feet). We never could get ours 20 feet long though. Up hills and stopping both could be challenging.

add me to that list :slight_smile:

where the trai-a-bike attaches to the unicycle, is there a pivot so the unicycle can twist? I assume the answer is yes, or it would be almost imposible…

now, this gives me an idea. has anybody ever attached two unicycles together using a bar that connects to both unicycles using this attachement method? now that would be cool! -freaky :slight_smile:

either a super cool way to learn to ride, or a super scarry one… take your pick :slight_smile:

yeah, i would be like, "which wire?, the red or the blue!!!.then you hit me with the yellow…LOL. totaly dude i feel ya…

thats cool

Perhaps not twenty feet long, but it sure felt like it! I now will have to re-rig the setup and check the actual wheelbase, as opposed to the imagined wheelbase…
But when I yelled back to the kid; he sure sounded far away.

How would you mount it?

Since I had all the parts, I had to give this a try. As someone else mentioned, it was easy with the trail-a-bike empty but with the kid there was just too much leverage when he leaned. The farthest we managed to ride was about 30 feet. It was fun to try though.


what? thats it? i want to see you uni spin while the kid on the back crank flips. and why didn’t you take some pics of the two of you tearin up the trials hotspots. Seriously, props to your 30 feet. i bet that was super fun for both of you.