your MUni’z are interesting looking.the one in the bike rack on the right looks my old Tange Switchblade fork.

are you making your own rail atapters too?


I hand machined the crown and built the rail adapter. The dirt uni crown is narrower than the old switchblade crown you mentioned mostly cuz those old forks used 1.125 blades and my dirt uni uses .875 blades. I have cnc’d some crowns which are much sweeter, I just dont have one for myself. The rail adapter is directly from myata, with some bandsaw and drill and welder modification. Pain in the ass. Hopefully there will just be a good seat some day. I am working on my Idea now. Went to smith rock to ride today and got spanked. I wish I had ridden a uni as a kid. My buddy rode tons of stairs and I rode some stairs. Lots of good dirt and very enthusiastic rock climbers blown away by the unis.

i think that style of fork has got good merits,switching legs and seat tube lenths for instance.

im sure some closer up pictures would be loved by all here.i would like an even closer up veiw,say right in front of me for example:),do you ever come to Salem?

so i take it you ordered the rail things straight from Japan??what did you have to band saw?did you get them from mys-co.com and how long did they take to make it over here?