Hey There, Im new....

Eh, I just wanted to go ahead and get my name out here. I started
unicycling and I wanted some people to talk to about it so that i could
get tips from the experts. I thought this looked like a good place.
Dont expect me to say I can do tons of skills and all though, heh i
suck at this…


Just remember…soon you won’t suck

Very soon

The best tip for a very new rider is practice practice practice


you’ve come to the right place…everybody thats anybody in the unicycling world uses these forums. the people are so helpful and friendly.

i found this forum a couple months ago and have been posting regularly since. if you have questions, feel free to post them. also, use the search feature and you will find TONS of information, its amazing how helpful that is.

good luck to you and your unicycling, hope you become a regular here in the forum.


welcome stranger! well I’m not going to repeat all the tips I know for you because there are probably 500,000 threads on biginning unicycling, so look around

Re: Hey There, Im new…

On Wed, 14 Apr 2004 02:32:33 GMT, Spahrtacus wrote:

>Eh, I just wanted to go ahead and get my name out here.

Welcome here! This group will answer any (uni)specific question you
fire at it. I notice you post from Usenet (like me). Old discussions
can be searched via Google Groups. And there’s also tons of advice
strewn across the www. But don’t let all of that eat too much into the
real fun.

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hello hello welcome to the forum, i’ve learn loads from them and there’s lots of friendly helpful people and it great to be able to be in a ‘world’ where everyone understands how amazing unicycling is

:slight_smile: hope you stay and learn lots

wow thats a friendly response! and everyone else started their post by saying welcome so I think I will to…


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Re: Hey There, Im new…

Well, thanks for the welcome. I’ll keep all that in ,mind. I hope to
become a regular here too.