Hey memphis mud

Are you spunky the clown?

Sure beats being mistaken for Kris all the time, don’t it?

“Mr. Mud: I know Spunky the clown- and you, Sir, are no Spunky the clown.”

The Jack of all Memphis

Ever notice how you never see Spunky the Clown and Frank Zappa together in the same room…!!!

Alas, Rhysling is correct. Continually being mistaken for Kris (Kringle) is getting old.

I, sir, am no Spunky the Clown . More like Slippy the Crash .

I do on occasion pass along tips I’ve gotten from Mr. Spunky and others. I’m not good enough to author too many tips of my own. I’m happy to tell what I’ve been told though.

There are so many different body styles and ability levels in this sport. When I’m trying something new, it helps me to have differing (even opposing) ideas on how to get it done.

(Did you notice that I’ve figured out the “color” button?)