Hey kids, I'm in California

Sup doodals, I’ll be all over California for the next few days, weeks, etc. Whatever. Please contact me if you want to ride… Nathan, Bevan, Jess, Brian, others… I’ll be in Santa Cruz, San Fransisco, Southern California, and all around. Just let me know if you want to ride and I can come by. I am technically healing from a broken hand, my hopping/dominant hand, but I would be just as interested in doing some filming with anyone and everyone. To contact email is best, zacharyjucha(at)gmail.com. Thanks, and keep up the riding sailors.

Hey Zach. This is Zack Baldwin You should come to granit bay and Ride with me and Jess. It will be cool. Call Me at 916-705-9931

later, Zack

I’m in San Jose. So if you are passing through San Jose or Santa Cruz, I’ll be up for a ride.

I’m in Dublin…but I can’t do much so with your broken hand and my lack of skill you’re…still better. Never mind.

Hey. I don’t currently have a trials uni (at best I’ll have it by friday, but more likely monday…), but I’d still be up for a ride. Natural trials and muni would be best, but I’d do anything.

-Bevan (e-mail me, it’ll reach me faster)

If your in the high desert, out towards victorville. Give me a call im out in Phelan(next city to victorville) 760-868-0068. Or AIM at enotsolehtmai. I’ve never seen you ride so I dont know how good you are but stop by and we can go on some muni or any type of riding I do most every style in order to be well balanced. Ohh… or email me cwms2001@earthlink.net. I almost forgot, there is a skate park in town square.


unfortunately i just got a job and i have to be back in arizona by monday at 2am which means i have to leave the bay area at least by saturday. sorry suckas. if you would be so kind you could send me any footage you want for the video. i think once i hear from heaton about filming i’m just going to start editing or not. with my job i’ll, surprisingly enough, have a lot of free time for the video. peace out. email me about any footage to go in the video. it’s in the first post.