Hey just bought a unicycle

Hey guys just bought a torker unicycle well order it last night. How long does it usually take to learn how to ride like i can go for like 20 feet or so?


Depends all on you really. If you are dedicated and spend hours your first day learning, you could get that 200-feet in one day, but ive seen some people where it takes a few days to go that far. It may also come easy to you =p like some people can just hop on their first time and ride about 4 - 10feet, others takes about 5mins just get on the seat without falling.

Hopefully youll be a fast learner, but if your not, dont be discouraged and just keep trying untill you too tired to see straight, and your be riding around in no time.

Congratualtions on your unicycle!!!

WEll I think ill learn fast always have and iv been riding on my friends unicycle and getting better but just a couple of minuts a day to practice but once i get mine its my life for a while lol

Thats how i learned, I only got to use my friends for a few mins a day, but once i got mine, i got down riding very quickly, just in like 3 or 4 days, and thats including the days of riding my friends, so you should be riding very quickly, i hope =p

You could read my unicycling journal (link in my sig). It hasn’t gotten any use in a while, see if it helps you. :slight_smile:

20 ft took me about two hours once i acualy comiited myself to learning

i could freemount and ride unlimited after about 7 hours of practice. <<that is a fastish normal if u know what i mean.

Best of Luck!

Very good that journal help alot gave me alot more info im sill waiting for my unicycle though

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On Tue, 2 May 2006 15:03:44 -0500, theriault_honda wrote:

>long does it usually take to learn how to ride

There’s no need to ask how long it “usually” takes.
Because you can get an estimate tailor-made for you!

Go to http://www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/agelearn_short.htm and use the

Hey guys iv just got back in from unicycling and im doing outstanding i can go as far as I want but then my legs get tired so i stop. But eventualy my legs will get stronger its awsome no im trying to free mount I can do it on and off but ill keep at it.

Just have to learn to turn better

nice man!
you legs will become stronger and you will can make any course you want!

congratz! learning unicycle is a fun that not everyone can have!

Yes i agree I dont really want to brage too much but i have to say this it took me 3 days to unicycle great distances and just unicycle any one learn faster?

oh man,

I was so determined that it stay on the uni till my face was on the ground.

1 trick- dont try and pedal as fast as you can to keep yourself on the uni, thats just a bad move

I dont i can go pretty slow while going

Unicycles are the best!

Good job!

After you’ve ridden for a long time your tecnique will improve and riding a unicycle will be just as easy as walking and you will not get very tired at all. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your progress!

so I rid my uni to the bus today on and off because my freinds were their so i wanted to talk. I get to school and go through my day at school and at the end of the day I was riding waitnig for the bus then every one comes and wants to try it so I let them but they fail horribly like i did the first time. But its sweet on guy said that unicycles were crappy and easy to ride so I told him to ride it then he had avery hard time and he told me he will never make fun of unicyclers as its hard he found out lol but its cool to get all the remarks from people

And i road have way to home from work

Wow, you improved really quickly! great job! have you been working on idling, or riding backwards?

What you did to that one guy is the same thing i do to everyone that says its easy, then they get on, actually, mot of them cant even get both feet to the pedals, then they realise how hard it is. =p

No i havint been working on idling or riding backwardt ill get on that soon any tips on idling? oh and i still have to prefect getting on my uni without any support. But yeah its great

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On Wed, 10 May 2006 17:10:08 -0500, theriault_honda wrote:

>but then my legs get tired so i stop.

Put more weight on the seat, less on the pedals.