hey J_C how is your Semi?

ive been helmet shopping latly,my Pro-tec is so old that it shape is now called the “old school” on their web site.i wanted to get a newer,lighter Pro-tec with more vents but for some reason their site only sports the Pro models with all the sponser crap glued to the outside compleat with a price tag boosted up just for the look.i know Pro-tec makes a couple of models that are cheaper and dont come with all the garbage on the outside but it seems like Protec may be fazing them out for some reason i cant phathom.

i like the hard outer shell cause it lasts longer and now days they have a foam type shell inside and the padding instead of just the padded stuff on the inside like the skater helmets of old…(like a regular helmet only with a thick outer shell as well) best of both worlds but heavier…

there is also a “Pro-tec” like helmet maker called Prime but for the love of god i cant find there web site cause there name is so generic,any search is moot on google.(for me)

anyway i want a less hot helmet for this summer and the Giro Semi came up but im worried about it getting cracked just because i dropped it on the ground.

My Semi helmet is doing well. It’s made by Giro

It is styled like a skate helmet but is built like a bike helmet. It’s a one time use helmet like a MTB or roadie helmet, meaning that if it takes a big hit it will need to be replaced. Skate helmets are designed to take multiple impacts.

The Semi is light which makes it more comfortable to wear than a heavy skate helmet. It has an in-mold design which means that the outer plastic shell is molded in place with the foam. The plastic shell won’t crack or come unglued like what can happen with cheap helmets. The in-mold shell means that the shell will hold up even if dropped or otherwise abused. But the Semi should be treated like a MTB or roadie helmet. A good drop could destroy the helmet.

I use my Semi for trials and for colder weather riding. For muni and Coker riding I’ll usually wear a MTB helmet.

Only negative about the Semi is that the foam sizing pads will start to come apart. The fabric that is glued on the foam sizing pads will come loose. Giro sells replacement foam sizing pads but that costs money and the new sizing pads will come apart just as fast.

My foam sizing pads have started coming unglued. I haven’t bothered to try to find replacement sizing pads yet. I could probably do just as well with some sizing pads for a generic skate helmet.

The Semi is more expensive than a skate helmet like Pro-Tec. The Semi retails for around $50 or $60. You might be able to find the 2003 model on sale.

It’s a good helmet. I like it.


I bought a semi from the Performance catalog a few months ago, they were in the blow-out pages for $19.95.
I’ve been very happy with it so far. I bought it 'cause I like the increased coverage at the back of the head.
I got a new catalog in the mail the other day and the Giro Semi wasn’t in there but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have them. I’d give them a call and see if they still have a few. For the the price, you can’t beat it.

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I went to the link JC posted and they are currently featuring ski helmets. Anyone checkout the Bad Lieutenant? Wonder how that would do for Uni? Probably too hot, but defenitly cool.

can you say MUni Militia?

Hey…I got one for Christmas…It feels really good on my head. Don’t know if it will fit you but you can look. and you can’t beat any helmet for $7