hey i've got a question.

when your riding do you want all your weight in the seat or no? because i think the reasonn i am falling a bit is because i am putting some of my weight on my legs and not in the seat.


put 99.8% of your weight on the seat. It’ll do you good.

When unicycling you are riding the wheel. It is easier to balance that wheel from the pedals, the seat is more for stearing and left to right balance.

Unless you are riding seat out (when you don’t really have a choice), all the weight should be on the seat, its soooo much easier then. Pedals are just for adjusting balance and speed.
Additionally, with weight on you pedals your knees will be dead after 5 minutes…

85% weight on seat

I agree, standard adivce for beginners is to try and put as much of your weight on the saddle as you can, riding with your weigth on the pedals is much harder and more tiring.

What’s the other .2%?? :thinking:

on the pedals…

So wouldn’t be 99% weight on seat and 1% pedals?? :thinking: :thinking: :smiley:

im gonna have to agree with everyone else and say SADDLE!

Uh… yeah. Or 99.8% and 0.2% or whatever irrelevent percentage you want to make up.

.:smiley: :smiley: .

I don’t get you.

Nevermind, all i know most of your weight should be put on the seat. Sorry to confuse you headstone. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

where’d you pull that stat from? Just cause ive seen many people post posts with stats but where do people get em or is it just to say majority on seat.

A common beginner’s mistake is to put too much weight on the pedals. This makes the riding style jerky and tiring.

The best advice is therefore to put “all” of your wight on the seat. In reality, of course, some of your weight is on the pedals, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to pedal!

The best advice for beginners is: use the seat for sitting on; use the pedals for pedalling.

However, later on, you will find that there is some advantage to lifting your weight out of the seat in certain circumstances. An example is riding over rough ground. Then your legs can act as suspension, so that the uni can flow over bumps without your entire body weight having to be lifted by the height of the bump.

So, as a beginner, put as much weight on the saddle as you can, and spin the pedals smoothly with only light pressure. When you can ride confidently, experiment with shifting your weight back out of the saddle for tricky stuff.

75% of statistics are made up on the spot.

I’ve barely graduated from being a beginner,
& can say when I first rode I was putting too much weight on the pedals,
things got easier as I put more weight on the seat.

Now I change the ratio depending what I’m doing,
going light on the seat while rolling over tree roots ot drops,
most of my weight in the seat for smooth terrian.


if you are riding on the road or even a dirt road then put as much as possible on the saddle. If you are doing extreme downhill or just riding over very rocky terain you ae going to be standing much more.


i totally agree. in learning to one foot rided i think weight in the saddle helped, but i just find it easier to roll over larger obstacles and rougher ground a little out of the seat.

i really want to have enough confidence to do trials lines totally seat out, but i’m still a little afraid to do that at the moment (though i am practising).

Well at least you’re practicing, so that’s a start. :smiley: :smiley: