hey, im new

im new. ive been riding for a little over a year. but im new to here. so hey. and i already have a question. i ordered a torker dx and im just wondering that when it gets here. is there anything need to do, like are the spokes tight enough and everything

Hey Welcome to the fora!

Anytime i get a new uni i always take it to work(i work in a bike shop) and make sure everything is as it should be. I grease the splines and cranks, tighten and true the wheel and just do general maintenance really. So if you take it to your LBS they should be able to put it in tip top form in no time and it shouldnt cost much either. And if you already kno how to build and true wheels then your all set you can just tension the wheel yourself.

Good Luck and Happy Riding.

welcome and drumcorps do rock (I am a drummer)

welcome to the forum and remember to give us video(if u dont have a thing, photos are fine) updates of what u can do

well, i havnt been doing any “tricks” or anything for that long so i cant do much. but ive been riding for a while, my balance is pretty good, i can idle, ride with one foot,ummmm, i can jump or hop, whatever you wanna call it. and thats pretty much it for now. im practicing a lot though, its the only sport where i can feel myself getting better every day, so im excited