Hey Im New I Need To No What Unicycle i Should get.

I no how to ride a uni and do some tricks so what unicylce would be best for me to learn street on.

try a torker lx, its cheap, durable, and great for street. but if u want, go for a nimbus hookworm. u can find em at unicycle.com

cool thanx

which would you say was better the nimbus or the torker

the jugglebug

sorry for my ignorance but what is a jugglebug


it’s only the greatest trials and street unicycle ever.

o cool thanx exept it says great for small children how small is that im 5’7

i was just kidding, except for small children, it’s a piece of crap. i’d say, for your first uni, get the torker.
make sure its the lx, not the cx

lol that was funny even if abit harsh :stuck_out_tongue:

for pure tricks… maybe a nimbus II or a nimbus X torker LX is nice too

If you want to learn street you should get the nimbus trials for a first uni. It has a good rim, tyre, and a decent frame. It has a cotterless hub but when you got the dough do it. It’s $180.

I always hate to be the guy to ask this question but what’s your budget? look into the lx for sure but if you have the extra hundred bucks you can get the cotterless version of the quax

why? save the extra money to spend on a splined uni when you start going big.

if you don’t want to have to buy another uni for a long time get a torker DX $250 then, once you break that you know you are good enough for a KH, koxx or bedford
otherwise, go with the LX.

he brings up a good point. that would be the absolutely perfect way to go if you have 250 dollars, it’s a great buy.

Keep in mind that the cranks on the LX will bend off of a 3 set. The DX is better for street. Maybe you meant freestyle? In that case, the LX is better.

I did a 5’ drop on an lx. its fine:p

Holy crap a 5’ drop on an lx and it is fine? I think the 20" lx hold up better than the 24" because of the leverage on the cranks. But my friends had a 20" lx and it held up good except for the cranks bent slightly. And he was doing 3’ drops for like 6 months on it. I hope all that I said makes sense. If not sorry.

well, My brother did land kinda hard…

i had a torker lx and it was a good beginers uni. although if you get serious you might wan’t to upgrade to a torker dx or a kh.