Hey, I'm a new kid! I have some questions too =P

So, hey everybody! My name is Steph =) I have had a unicycle for two years and have been on (but mostly) off with riding the entire time. Lately I have really been getting into it. The only thing is…I can’t get it!

My ultimate goal is to ride around college next year and eat sandwiches ;D
So here are my problems…
1/3 times I can rock back and fourth about three-six times
I can barely go backwards (like 4 pedals on a good day)
I can mount on my own like 1/6 trys
I cannot hop…at all
I am just getting really frustrated. I keep trying but have no clue how to do things right. I can usually go forwards for a while. I eventually want to go on trails and do a few tricks and such…
can I get any tips from anybody?

Hi welcome to the forum.

Maybe you’re working on too much stuff at once. It’s all just a matter of practice, of course, but you’ll see progress faster if you focus on one or two things at a time. Why don’t you work on mounting first and maybe hopping since they’re easier. Save idling and riding backwards for later.

Oh! that makes sense…I just feel like I ride like 2 hrs a day and should be seeing more results…How do you hop?

Hold your seat and jump :). Like this

oh! That link is wonderful!! Anyone else have any tips?

I think the most important thing is that if you are hopping on the spot you should be using mainly your ankles. You’re just lightly bouncing up and down by pivoting your ankles. This way you won’t tire out quickly.

From your list I’d work first on getting a mount nailed, and then maybe on hopping (IMHO it’s the easiest thing out of those you’re trying, and in terms of general riding probably the most useful).

I guess I better get hopping! It is just the hardest thing for me. My unicycle has this crank bar that sticks out some that moves the seat up and down. It digs into my leg and really hurts after a while.

Is it one of these things?


just keep practicing it takes time. I had trouble hopping too but try lowering the psi in your tire thats what really helped me.

Not quite…It is like you move it up and down. Up makes the seat lose and down keeps the uni seat in place.

good idea=)