Hey, I was mainly lurking on the old forum

Hey, I’m Beni from Central Switzerland. I took up unicycling a year ago in the upper half of my 30’s, mainly to to diversify my workouts away from cycling.

At the moment I ride a 24’’ or a 27.5’’ muni but I’m looking into getting a 36’’ touring unicycle. Generally I ride a 10 - 20 km at a time and I’m still looking for a saddle that allows me to ride longer distances. I ride mostly on my own, mainly because I like it that way but also because I still refuse to use any Facebook product. These days everyone who isn’t inside my geek-bubble uses FB or Whatsapp to organize groups. Also, on easy enough terrain I listen to podcasts on the ride, that works better on my own.

The trails around here are quite steep and rocky, not very beginner friendly. But I’m working on it. Right now I’m still getting my mountain bike out to ride difficult trails.


Hi, welcome here! :wave:

Welcome here!
I spent some time in Switzerland a couple of summers ago. Near Lugano. And I do remember trails being not super friendly. I went for a “easy” one and walked half of it…

Welcome! My hope is that this, that this new, modern forum might attract a few people off FB and take it back to some of its former glory. Time will tell! :smiley:


We’ve had 34 new user accounts since the relaunch so far :slight_smile: … looks like a good start.

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URCs handle saddle looks quite nice but it’s a very hefty price tag to just order one to give it a try. I hope I eventually get to try it out somewhere…

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I’m still considering making a trip to Varese which isn’t all that far from where I live.

Let’s hope you’re right. As always, I’m a bit on the pessimistic side on this one. :wink:

There are easier trails in the flatter parts of Switzerland. But not in Central Switzerland and even less in Ticino.

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@bungeejoe Maybe I need Brooks to produce a unicycle-saddle. I mean, my Brooks B17 on the bicycle also isn’t comfortable after 100km, but at least I can keep riding and the next day the pain is gone. On the unicycle the limit for this is more like 20km right now.

I wonder whether we need a new saddle thread with people’s sit bone widths, weight and riding style to try and better recommend saddles.

People recommend saddles all the time but everyone’s different so it’s never going to be a case of one saddle being good for everyone, even for the same riding styles.

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