Hey I am new

Hey I am a newb guy on the forums. I have a 28’ sun unicycle. I ride for kicks…I looked at a few of your videos, and Ill be honest I am nothing compared to you guys lol…BUT IM TRYING…I really cant do anything but ride, dont laugh at me!!!

I’m seventeen, male, from Florida. :smiley:


Mark aka Cocky

I’ve got that unicycle, too. They’re great. A lot of people here say they aren’t good, but they are. They’ll hold up to 2 foot drops and hundreds of miles of on and off-road riding.
Only problem with them is that after about 500 miles or so, the spokes might start to wear out.
…and the seat isn’t very comfortable.
If you want a challenge, try switching your 152mm cranks to 89mm. That’s what I have on my Sun 28" now…but wear protection when doing that!
Have fun!

So what if you aren’t good.It 4 the fun we do it.
I don’t do any tricks but I ride muni.
I do it more 4 the fun and for training:D

hey bro. finally registered huh? welcome…and try not to embarress me…lol

Yeah, we’re not all pros. I just got my first uni this september.

hehehe thanks guys :smiley:

just try not to make usless posts i learned that the hard way =\