Hey guys!

I’ve been lurking for the past few months and I thought I should probably quit creeping and actually say hello. These forums have helped me immensely over the past couple of months. My eight year old kiddo has wanted a uni for a couple of years. He bought himself a used 20" Cycle Pro for twenty bucks on Thanksgiving. He was super excited until he actually tried riding it and realized it wasn’t going to be so easy. I’m fairly sloth-like when it comes to sports and exercise in general but the kid needed help so I thought I’d teach myself a bit so I could maybe help him out. I googled up some YouTube videos and taught myself to mount by hanging onto a couple of dining chairs like my life depended on it. He laughed at his old mom until he tried it. Joke is on you, kid.

Fast forward a bit. We bought ourselves a couple of Torker LXs for Christmas. (A 20" for him, a 24" for me.) Yesterday the FedEx man brought me a 26" Nimbus muni. We’ve obviously come a long way from the dining chairs! I rode the Nimbus for a bit last night and I love it. I tried riding it today but it’s obviously way heavier than the Torker and I basically sucked because my legs were jello. Tomorrow’s a new day.

We live on a few acres in Colorado and we’re lucky enough to have trails right out our front door. My son is homeschooled and we belong to a fairly large homeschool group. He wants to eventually start a uni club for the kids in the group.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi. This forum is awesome, I don’t think I could’ve learned to ride without the tips, links and general encouraging tone found here. :slight_smile:

Welcome MuniCO!

You’ve got the bug. Glad to hear you stepped up and learned along side your son and can share in the fun. You’re lucky to have trails out your front door. Hope you enjoy the new uni.

Hiya MuniCO,
Good luck to both of you…though you are already lucky to have a learning/riding companion…sounds like you live in a perfect place for muni…enjoy the ride. :slight_smile:

Welcome MuniCO! It’s great to read about your learning experience with the unicycle. I hope you and your son enjoy the ride! Colorado is a beautiful place to cycle.

Hiya MuniCo :slight_smile:

Geez, sounds like you’re off to a good start. Somewhere to ride on your doorstep and some uni-buddies.
Way to Go ! :slight_smile: Keep us posted.

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