Hey guys I have a question! :)

OK so I am very confused about tire pressure…I want to basically do trials(hopping etc).

I have a 24 inch unicycle, All the answers that I have found over the net were for 20inch’s, and they suggested 20-25 tires pressure. But since I have a 24inch wheel my tire looks like it’s ‘‘squishing’’ too much!

Can you guys give me an approximate number that would be optimum for trials(hops) and a bit of riding

Theres not going to be a number, or equation that works for everyone.

For trials, youre going to want to prehop and land bigger drops without hitting the rim.

So fill up your tire pretty hard, hop around, do some drops, and if it feels too hard, let some air out. Hop around, do some drops, if its too soft and youre hitting the rim, fill it up a little bit, and keep trying until you find your spot.

Can I just have a approximate please? :slight_smile:

well, we would need your weight and maybe height, and the tire your riding. then maybe someone could come up with a starting pressure for you to figure out what your perfect pressure is

Certainly. 200 kPa gauge pressure is an approximate value.

Which wouldnt matter, because he could just fill up the tire and try it and have the same result as someone saying a random psi.

If your tire is thinner, like on a Torker 24", you might need around 50-60psi.

I have a a norco 24 inch


Yeah, if you put 30psi in there, you will easily bottom out. As Jerrick said, just pump it up hard(like 50-60psi), then let some air out if it is too hard. Mess around with it for a while until you find your “sweet spot”.