hey guys have a pooch

Hello peps, I’m from the south of England in the hunt for some fellow riders to have a unisession… holla back

“hey guys have a pooch”

What does that mean? :thinking:

Where abouts in the South?
Get yourself over to the UK forum. http://www.unicycle.org.uk/forum/
You’re far more likely to get a reply :slight_smile:

Have a look…

Ok I’ll have a pooch now.

Oh, the curse of being an American. I Googled it, but all I found was something about screwing a pooch.

I’m pretty sure it’s a British phrase, though, so that’s a start! Hahah

Dunno about that. Not even sure about it being a localism - I grew up about 30 miles from where the OP lives, and it’s a completely new one on me. My guess is that he’s a schoolkid and this is something unique to his school, perhaps made up by one of his classmates. That kind of thing’s not unusual - or certainly wasn’t when I was at primary school.

Came here expecting a pooch, was disappointed :frowning:

So here is a pooch: