Hey from Boston, USA

…Cambridge, MA really.

Started unicycling during the pandemic. I mostly ride a 29" nowadays. Longest ride so far has been about 10 miles on the Minuteman bikeway (of Revolution fame), while free mounting works 1 out of 4 tries.

Eager to meet other unicyclists in the Boston area for group rides post-vaccination.


Hey I’m from CT I ride a 29 inch and started about same time if you ever get a group ride together get in touch with me please I would be happy to drive up to mass for a ride

Sure thing Joe! How’s the free mounting going on the 29? It’s been the single most frustrating thing for the big wheel so far (& perhaps unleashed dogs), but I’ve come to accept it as a necessary part of unicycling…

Have you tried a rolling mount? So far I’ve learned the rollback mount, static mount and rolling mount and although it seems a bit intimidating at first to just step up on the pedal while its moving, I find it to be the easiest of the three, especially on bigger wheels. On my 36er it’s definitely the easiest.

yeah I guess I just gotta bite the bullet and give the rolling mount a go

You can kind of ease into it by starting with your foot on the pedal but with the rear crank a few degrees below horizontal. Then do it like you would a static mount, only roll forward a bit at the same time. The momentum of the wheel allows you to apply more pressure to the pedal when you mount. You can also try a static mount while holding the seat in front of you and sitting on it as you hop up. That allows you to bend your knees a little further and hop more up than forward.

The rolling mount just combines all of that and works better.

Wow. It’s amazing how many different ways you can approach the (semi)static mount. Just learning the free mount on the small and big wheels has been a roller coaster ride, so I was hesitant to spend my precious downtime only mounting. I’ll try the back pedal lower tonight.
Right now I static mount with no hands. And actually I swing both arms as I get up. Is there an advantage holding on?

You need to hold on to the saddle to do a rolling mount because you’re not sitting on it. You’re holding it in front of you and simultaneously rolling the wheel forward, stepping up on the pedal and slipping the saddle underneath you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let go and use your arms to flail after you mount. I frequently do if I don’t stick it quite right.

The whole process is very quick, so not having one arm free isn’t really much of an issue. You will have it free to balance with in a fraction of a second if you need it.

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I actually find it harder to mount from standing still with my arms up. It feels like I get stuck at the top and then it’s that much harder to get going in a straight line. Try holding the seat and taking one step before you mount. If you can get the feel of maintaining the momentum from the step all the way into the mount, I think your consistency will improve.

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Free mounting on a larger wheel is hard! My 29" is in another state and I only occasionally ride it. I am 6’2" and am able to get enough of my torso forward, while mounting, to perform a static mount on the 29". If the wheel were any larger, or if I were any shorter, maybe not.

Are you able to perform a tire grab mount? That’s where you lean forward and grab the tire with one hand. I spent a period of time using that one on my beginner 24". It forced my center of gravity forward and was a good transition to a proper static mount.

If you can mount 1/4 times, you’re getting there. Keep practicing!

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thanks y’all for the encouragement. My static mounting has improved dramatically, so I haven’t yet got an excuse to practice the rolling mount. I am shorter than 6 foot, but after watching little Korean kids on Youtube mounting a 36er, I think I really have no excuse.

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