Hey everybody!!!

Hey everyone just thought id introduce myself and let everyone know that u have 1 more representing on 1 wheel!!! I have just got my 04 24" Kris Holom muni :sunglasses: from unicycle.uk.com anyway this has probebly done 2 death but any tips for starting to ride? Thks alot

Peace v Lee

Awesome! Nice to see ya around here.

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I give you credit, you are one of the smartest newbs ever!

  1. Pull the seat into place, with the saddle beteen your legs right under your… crotch.

  2. Spin in the wheel so that one pedal is in the 3:00 (like a clock) position, as shown in the next picture.

  3. Put both(or one) hands on the handrail, fence, or a wall

  4. Step on the pedal closest to you. You want the wheel to rotate 1/4-turn backwards. Step on the pedal and pull yourself up, and place your oter foot on your pedal. You should now be on the seat with the wheel underneath you.

  5. Hold onto the handrail/wall tightly and lean forward slightly while pedaling slowly.

Keep doing that until you are very comfortable doing so, then try riding away from a wall. At first you may not be able to go very far but slowly and sure ly you will get better. Eventually riding will click, and there will be no end to how far you can go. The you learn to fre mount.

-Excerpted from Unicycle.com, with my own modifications from how I learned to ride.

Welcome to the Forums!


Hi and welcome to the forum. Just do a search and you’ll find there are quite a few posters from the Nottingham area here.

Keep us posted on your progress!


Unicyclist.com is relly helpful,if it werent for it i would proballystill be riding an old schwin up and down our road once a week!

Wow, your first unicycle was a $500 one? Wholy Mackeral! How did you know you would like the sport? Anyway, welcome to the unicycle world.


yuo know guys we might get strep throught from answering this question so many times lol
hahahaha . but seriously um i have on thing to say is you have to have motivation so when you fall you dont just give up because falling hurts

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On Fri, 31 Dec 2004 13:45:19 -0600, “THECOMPUTERWORLD” wrote:

>any tips for starting to ride? Thks alot

Oh well, another plug then:

Go to <http://www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/uni_beginners.htm>, and then
download the Word doc “Learning to Unicycle” by Andrew Carter and

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Today (1 January) is the first day this year. Happy New Year!

There are a few of us in Nottingham and Derby, and you’re close to some quite good off road riding.
I noticed from your profile that you’re a student. Are you at the University in Nottingham? If you are you should come to the uni juggling club (mondays, 7.30, Portland Building). It’s definately helpful to meet other riders when you’re learning.


Another grrrreat site for learning new unicycle stuff is unicycle.2ya.com . Take a look there,and go out and ride like the wind.

If you can get yourself to Derby on a Tuesday night, we play unicycle hockey at Darley Fields in Derby, which is a great way to improve at riding once you’ve got very basic riding skills (the ability to get on whilst holding onto a wall and then ride across a 5 a side pitch would probably be a good level to be at). There’s a bus (Rainbow 4) that goes to Derby from Sandiacre.

Details on this thread


By the way, if you see someone on a massive 36" wheeled unicycle riding through Sandiacre of a morning or evening, that’s me on my way to work that is.