"Hey Dude, Do a Wheelie!"

Loyal readers will remember my earlier thread where I was perplexed by what was asked of me. A while ago my answer to a [jerk] kid who asked if I could “do a wheelie” was “I’ve been riding THIS wheelie for 4 miles”

This response was unsatisfactory for him and therefore unfulfulling for me.

At this past weekend’s Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoors Festival (where Memphis Unicycle Club demo’d) some gents called out: “hey dude, do a wheelie” as I rode through the festival grounds.

Some responders to my thread suggested the following:

I did [my pitifull version of] a rolling hop, and rode off. The crowd went wild. They were happy. I was happy.


Some people!!

4 miles… so what?

Rolling hop… WHOA!

Hehe, it’s weird how the simplest things seem to amaze people and the really cool difficult stuff they find boring.