Hey, Breathingmurder...

Next wknd is the Ducks Unilimited Great Outdoors Festival (DUGOF). MUC will be at the “Biking and Camping” Village giving demonstration of MUni. The plan is to have a trials area set up for us and the b*kes.

You could show your stuff. (And try some MUni too)

If you want to volunteer and demo a couple of times, I’ve got a pass that will get you in.

I know, I know, you’re by Tiger High, too young to drive and would need a ride. Minor problem if you want to participate.

Tom’s email

Hi Breathing Murder,
I take it that you are sort of a loner-type since none of us have actually ever seen you. You have said that the reason that you haven’t come out to ride with us is that you are a trials specialist. I ride trials almost everyday - not that I’m any good at it - but just because we do other rides as a group that doesn’t mean that several of don’t do trials too. One of the best ways to continue to learn is to ride and learn from others. Everybody has something to share and everybody has something to learn, too. I encourage you to not be so removed from your uni-brethren and come out and play in the MUC. Don’t be afraid.