Hey Australia and New Zealand riders

I’m going to be in Australia this summer for 3 months doing volunteer work. I’m arriving in Brisbane on the 14th of this month and I’ll be there for 2 days checking out the city. I bringing my KH freestyle since its pretty compact. I was wondering if there’s anyone from the area that wants to do some riding. I will probably be tired from my looong flight, but I’m hoping to ride around the city. From Brisbane I’m heading to Biloela and I’m going to be mostly in that area for 2 months. My last month I’ll be in Ballarat, and then its off to Auckland New Zealand till November. So if I’m coming to your area and you want to ride let me know. I’m always up for a one wheeled adventure.



I live in Ballarat, let me know if you want to hook up.

Yeah, there’s some good trials riding down here in the Capital of NZ if you make it down this far. I’ll be up for a ride or two, just e-mail me or something about it… petemarchant@hotmail.com

If you can get hold of them, I’m sure some of the fellas from www.unicycle.co.nz will be keen to do some riding up in Auckland with you too.


Yeah, if you have the time definitely head down to Wellington (NZ’s Mountainbike/MUni capital)- there’s heaps of great singletrack and some excellent trials around the city. In any case we’ll be having the NZ Unicycle weekend in Wellington in October so you might want to come down for that.

In Auckland you could hook up with Tony Melton, Peter Bier and various others…check out Woodhill MTB park.


hey Frank

I live in the Noosa shire which is about an hour or two north of Brisbane I’d say in between Brisbane and Biloela, I could meet up with you in Brisbane, and or you could stop off in Noosa on the way, I’d be up for a ride, always like to meet up with new unicyclists

Simon Wells

I’m really sorry I missed this thread - I live in Brisbane and there are quite a few keen riders around here. It’s a real shame we missed going riding with you.


Andrew… What are you on about? :slight_smile: This thread was started about 3 hours ago.

Drop me a line closer to the time and we can organise to hook you up with a ride (or several) in Auckland. There are a number of keen Auckland riders so you’ll definately be able to have some unicycle fun while here.


Well that was odd…I must be studying too hard. I thought it was the 16th today. :slight_smile:

Well I’m looking forward to meeting up with you then, if we can arrange it. My mobile phone number is 0423 516 982 but I’m not sure how to convert that to an international-style number. My email address is andrew_carter (at) mail (dot) com.


Wow, thanks for all the responses guys. Andrew and Simon, would you guys be interesting in doing a little riding in Brisbane on the 15th? I’m going to be taking a bus Biloela(how is that pronounced? it looks like a tongue twister.) so I won’t be able to stop off in Noosa. Andrew, I can give you a call sometime after I arrive. Heres my email address plattinumforce@yahoo.com.

I’m hoping to meet up with the rest of you when I’m in Ballarat and New Zealand. I’m going to be traveling quit a bit so I’ll probably end up in Wellington and some other places i don’t know about yet. I’ll definately drop you guys a line when I get closer.

See ya,


Hey Frank

I’d be keen to go riding with you when you’re in Auckland. Send me or Peter Bier a PM when you get here. (I live in Auckland - I’m in the USA temporarily, just in case you were confused by my location info under my avatar).

Happy trails!

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to come along for a ride on the 15th. I have to submit a couple of big folios for uni that afternoon and I’ll surely be working on them right up until they’re due. Sorry, it would’ve been a lot of fun.


Thats too bad. We’ll have to meet up some other time. Good luck on your assignments.



if you happen to be swinging by Bathurst, 200k’s west of Sydney email me at napalm87 (at) hotmail. com,


its pronouced billow (like bellow only with a “ie” instead of a “E” sound) whella kinda of like wheel-a
billow-whella or just bilawhela hard to see how that ends up as biloela. thats at least an idea for you of how its said.

and as far as i can tell I should be able to make it to brisbane for the 15th and do some riding we’ll have to get in direct contact before then you can use my email simonwells@unicyclist.com

ok cya

You live in New Zealand then you go to Brisbane to ride with andrew and then you go off the the USA. Some people seem to travel alot ey?