Hey all Quebec unicyclist!

I am going to be in St. Paul d-Abbotsford, Quebec this weekend anyone want to meet up? I am bringing my MUni.

Sorry :frowning:

Sorry, I’m spending my weekends working near my parent’s place in NH… $11/hr US == $15+/hr Cdn… How close is St. Paul d’Abbotsford to Sherbrooke?

I am here

Found it… mapquest rocks… That would be abou an hour and a bit from my place… maybe some time in the future!

too funny, i will be in st-paul d’abbotsford this weekend also with my Muni. do you fly? i will be at distance vol libre. ask around for john denham. flying conditions are looking pretty freaking good though.

I will be at distance vol libre also. My mom and da paraglide. cya


awsome to be unniing around st-paul with others. had a great time. kc and brian are awsome riders with awsome potential.