Hernia related to stop riding?

Fit my whole life, rode a custom 29”+ mad4one uni that was stolen several months ago making me stop riding completely. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of riding, but a basic inaugural hernia appeared. I’m attempting to cure it holistically by wearing a brace and doing low core workouts(many success stories online).

My question is the area of the muscles that riding works, it makes sense that riding could have put some extra wear in that region. Or the lack of riding made the muscles shrink therefore perhaps contributing to a small blowout.

Open to any other issues someone has had, or opinions.

I would love to ride again one day… ;(

2 bad attempts of luck life threw at me

Hi there

Sorry to hear that. It is a real pain when you get sometthing that stops you doing things as usual. I don’t know anything about hernias so no idea what causes them or how you get them fixed.

I had some problems with my back a while ago (from a couple of bad falls unicycling) and it was really frustrating… I think I actually made it worse for not waiting for my body to heal before getting back to riding.

Good luck with your recovery :slight_smile:

You’re not going to ‘cure’ an inguinal hernia simply by wearing a brace or doing core workouts. At best you make it less symptomatic with a brace; while core muscle workouts sound like a recipe for increasing intra-abdominal pressure, potentially making it worse.

The defect is already there, get it fixed if it is bothersome.

Imho Avoid grunting or holding breath during exertion. That increases intra-abdominal pressure and pushes out the hernia through the wall.

Just get it fixed. I didn’t have the best experiences with surgery on mine and found the time off doing exercise difficult, but still glad I had it done as it’s now something I don’t have to worry about. Though mine was just a lump which wasn’t even painful (it was a para-umblical rather than an inguinal), I do still wonder if I could have left it, but you’re taking a risk doing that.

Mine did occur after I’d decreased the amount of exercise I was doing a lot - though I was still doing more than an average person, riding a uni regularly and still had very good core strength. To some extent it’s probably just an age thing.

Would Kegel exercises prevent this?


Hernia is not simply a sports injury.

Some people can do power lifting and never get a hernia.

Others just have the predisposition.

My brother got a hernia as a toddler. Pretty sure he wasn’t power lifting :wink:

Ilingual Hernia

I had an Ilingual Hernia since birth. It never really stopped me from any sport (powerlifting included), but I did decide to get it fixed because it was becoming a nuisance for b*ke riding. It hasn’t reoccurred and I uni as well with no problem. Get it fixed surgically, it’s a beast for a few weeks (light duty) but it’s worth it!

If you get it fixed try to find someone that can do it “Lyperscopic” vs incisional. Problem with incisional is they can blow out later. Some hernia’s need to be done incisional (mine did) so double check with doctor. I have first hand experience. For me I had hernia surgery that had to be redone soon after.
The funny thing is I got into unicycling right after second surgery and have had great luck so far. I wore a brace for a six weeks after surgery (while learning to ride) just to be on the safe side. I love that riding has tightened up my core.