Here's where I'm going to ride in June

Last year I rode in a week long bicycle touring/camping ride called “Oklahoma Freewheel” (on my Coker)

This year’s route should have less hills. Maybe I’ll have a better chance of completeing the ride.

Here are some of the pics of me riding last year.

Freewheel is a pretty good deal at $70 for the week(includes water/fruit stops,bike shop mechanics,indoor/outdoor camping, and the famous “supersag”)

Anyone else want to go??

I haven’t been keeping up with this group much lately :frowning:

Any other Coker ride plans in the States this year?


A group of 4 guys from the Iowa State unicycle club will be riding RAGBRAI this year. We’d be happy to have some more cokerheads join us.

For more information, check out or search the NG for old posts by me.

I remember your postings about Ragbrai. I’ve heard a lot about that ride. Freewheel was created by some of Ragbrai riders.
I just wish the dates didn’t conflict with the National/International Unicycle convention this year.