Here's proof of the ticket

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That is so awesome. I will tell people about you for years to come. I think you live near me.
-gauss (Bethlehem, Pa)

There is no question about it



Now THAT is proof you ride.

What were the circumstances surrounding its issue?

Interested to know.

Re: Proof

Well he marked you down for not having a registration plate or having insurance documents, but you really should have pushed for him to check the box for Faulty Equipment.

How did he measure your speed if you were riding next to canal? Was he driving behind you in a patrol car? Did you spot the radar trap and rode hell for leather to try to get the ticket?

Oh hang on - why does the officer have a badge number of 000 and why didn’t he mark down the station name and number?

Thats funny!

thats funny, riding in excess of 15 mph, lol.
its stupid, anyone else ever got pulled over for doin stuff on their uni that the cops thought were bad? I got pulled over for riding the concreat beariers, it was safe though it was not on the road but at a rest stop i guess you could call it.

Re: Here’s proof of the ticket writes:
– shortcut
Jeff, that citation is too funny. Did you actually get clocked on radar?
Or did you pass a cop car that happened to be going 15mph? Either way
would be hysterical.

I think that in this relatively early stage of speed unicycling, they
should be giving awards for actually getting a unicycle up to that speed
– it’s not that easy!

David “Glad it wasn’t me” Stone

Co-founder, Unatics of NY
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RE: Here’s proof of the ticket

> Subject: Here’s proof of the ticket

Cool! Now where’s the proof of the officer that filled it out?

(some people will eat up anything)



That was great. I actually have that as my background on my 'puter.
-David kaplan