Here's my movie

Here is the movie of me and Spickydoo.

I apologize for the following…

  1. the simplistic instructions are for my mom and her middle age-new to computers friends

2)most shots end in a UPD, we only had 90 mins to get as many shots as we could, there will be an only uni vid coming out soon.

For those who don’t know, this is taken with a Minolta Dimage X still camera…downside to this camera as I found out-can’t take still action shots

Oh, and another thing…
I will get this into a proper looking web format soon enough


Any chance of putting a compressed version on your site?

60Mb is a pretty hefty download even on broadband!



I’m new to this video stuff…how would one go about compressing something?

I compressed the movie (now: 20MB). It looks a bit more grainy, but is still quite acceptable. Please let me know if you would like me to transfer the file to your website (I’d need access). Just respond to my e-mail address, i.e. off this list.
Have fun,

Thanks Fred, the 20MB version is now on here.

As I get more footage, I will replace this with a uni-only video

(with some completed tricks, hopefully)


Sorry my original reply wasn’t particularly detailed, I wasn’t sure of the best way to compress it.

After playing tonight you can get some conversion s/w for free from:

This allows you to get a more Windows rather than MAC friendly file format.

I then used Windows Movie Maker (comes with ME/XP) to change the compression. I got the file down to less than 5Mb but the quality was fairly dubious by then, 25Mb had a good quality output.

All the best with your future films


For video compression, Virtual Dub ( is your friend… in fact not just your friend, but your Best Friend. It will compress, extract sections, resize, and do all sorts of other really rather useful things. It is through using VirtualDub that the legomen turn into 1-2MB DivX files instead of 300MB uncompressed files…

Phil, just me


I enjoyed your movie, all 60MB of it! Seeing the UPD’s doesn’t bother me – it just makes you human. And it helps me not feel as bad when I go splat. Thanks for sharing.


i watch,i like,thanx for the compression Fred.(56k) to bad 10 megs was Spickydoo huggin a tree on the Tee Ter Totter;)

BTW: When I tried mov -> avi conversion (using my favorite Codec, the Intel/Ligos video codec v. 5.11) I ended with a pretty grainy movie 26MB in size - not really worth it.
Have uni-que fun,

I love that trials playground. What is the name for such a magical wonderland? I wish I had something like that around here. Maybe I do, I just don’t know what its called.

What do you call this Ewok-Village-Looking-Unicycle-Gauntlet? And where is the closest one to DC?

This is in Woodstock Ont. The cool thing about this, is that for people who get into built-up stunts that are older than 15 and have a family to support, these are great to learn on, as you can see by Spickydoo’s example, you can fall off them, over and over, without geting hurt.

These are by far the best constructed I’ve been on (never been to BC, and probably won’t make it, unfortunately)

Re: Here’s my movie

>What do you call this Ewok-Village-Looking-Unicycle-Gauntlet?

There’s a trail called Ewok Village around here, it’s like a constant never
ending stunt, and it’s all like 15 feet off the ground. tons of ladder bridges.