Here's a new one.

So I was out on a ride this morning with gus, and as we rode through the University campus, someone called out: “If god had meant for us to have one wheel, he would have given it to us.”

Im confused too.

Re: Here’s a new one.

An unfortunate side effect of hunger…

i got two new ones today one i think may be original:

father says to 3yr. old daughter ‘look, his handlebars are invisible’

the other i’m sure many have heard in mtb places ’ are you the guy from that movie?’ (referring to kris holm in stiletto which played during the very popular banff film festival).

they keep commin’


ive had a range of them from “is the circus in town” to “get off the road arse hole”

some drunk dude asked me where my stearing wheel was today.

Re: Here’s a new one.

Wouldn’t you concider unicycling a gift from God?